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The Anabolic Cartel Podcast is about Athletic Performance Enhancement in all forms. We are going to primarily focus on PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs). We want to bring awareness to those that choose to use PEDs. We want to talk about the positives and negative aspects that many are not aware of when they make the choice to use these drugs. We especially want the youth to know about the potential consequences if they choose to use PEDs at an early age. Nowadays it is a common sight in most gyms to see guys using PEDs for no other reason than to get big. They don't understand what they are actually doing to their bodies or how to minimize some of the risks associated with their use. Most of the people using these drugs today could probably reach their goals without using steroids but are not willing to do the research and put in the effort needed to get to their goal. This is why many turn to steroids. We believe that steroids do have their place for those that want to push past their natural potential but they shouldn't be used before a person has pushed the limits of what they can do naturally. These are all reasons why we are doing the podcast. We want to talk more openly about PEDs and their use with those who have knowledge and experience with the drugs. We will talk about the many myths surrounding these drugs. We will also discuss ways to help deal with some of the side effects that can occur from their use and ways to try to maintain health while using PEDs. We also will discuss the other aspects of performance enhancement such as diet, training protocols, nutrition, supplementation, and anything else that deals with human performance enhancement. We will have guests on the show ranging from PED experts, to doctors, PED users, professional bodybuilders, as well as professional and amateur athletes from a variety of sports. We hope you enjoy our edgy, detailed, look inside the dark side of Sports, PEDs…..
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Jan 31, 2020

In this episode, we have two guests on the show, Jared Hovatter and Madison Eichstadt.

Jared is a bodybuilder who owns 2 gyms, The Flex Fitness in Morgantown, WV and 3 Guys Fitness in Masontown, WV.
Madison is a nationally competitive powerlifter. She is currently in school to become a primary care physician.


  • Who Madison is and what she’s currently doing

  • On Jared's bodybuilding competition

  • On Madison's training

  • Her thoughts on women who are afraid of lifting heavy weights

  • Her favourite lift

  • Type of water cut program she follows

  • Why she wants to be a physician

  • Her thoughts on birth control for women

  • Her toughest lift

  • Which class she typically competes in

  • Her thoughts on women using steroids

  • Jared's thoughts on men forcing their women to take steroids

  • ACE Inhibitors vs. ARBs

  • What Norvasc is and it's side effects

  • Cardio exercise Jared likes to do before a competition

  • Jared’s thoughts on using growth hormone to get lean

  • Why you need to monitor your body when taking steroids

  • What Madison does to help keep an eye on her health

  • How training affects women during their cycle

  • On estrogen and progesterone

  • How Jared set up his gym

  • On having a doctor who’s willing to understand and help


Jan 22, 2020

In today’s episode, Trevor shared his thoughts on medicinal marijuana and his relationship with marijuana. He also shared updates on his current cycle and what his preparations are for the NPC Pittsburgh Pro.

In the show, Trevor also talked about Selank, a new peptide that he's experimenting with. He also mentioned some other products he’s using and the effects and benefits of each.


  • How he started using marijuana

  • Products he likes to use

  • On doing workouts as safely as possible

  • How he gets in the zone when he uses marijuana

  • His bad experience with marijuana

  • What Selank is

  • What are the effects of Selank

  • His plan for the upcoming episode